Bow Creek Breeding

At Bow Creek, it’s all about the beef, and we have invested heavily in the Red Angus Breed to help us achieve our goal of producing the highest quality beef product. Although other breeds made up our herd when we first started, we made the decision in 2005 to focus on Red Angus. Why Red Angus? Put simply, Red Angus cattle are the total package. Producing beef with high marbling that is very tender is a huge factor – but also, Red Angus have outstanding calving ease, docile dispositions, heat tolerance, and strong maternal traits – making the breed a game changer for the beef industry.

Our goal is to produce Red Angus genetics that, in the end, will produce superior beef animals. We understand the importance of genetics to a great cut of meat; whether it be the maternal capabilities of a dam, or the carcass quality of the calf she produces. Many factors play a roll.

Our Red Angus herd sires need to provide calving ease, growth efficiency and excellent carcass quality. And have some of the highest marbling EPDs in the industry.

Our Red Angus females must also contribute to the genetic merit of the herd. Along with utilizing EPDs, we strive to create ultra feminine cows with moderate frames that are easy keepers. Our cows need to be able to stay in condition on only pasture and winter supplemental grass hay.

We utilize the some of the top sires in the Red Angus breed, A.I., and embryo transfer technology to selectively produce animals with the best genetics and proliferate the best female genetics in our herd. We focus not only on EPDs, but also characteristics like docility, soundness & structure, and fertility to produce exceptional animals; culling those to our beef business that do not meet our strict breeding standards.

We have partnered with Top Dollar Angus in an effort to ensure that the cattle we breed are in the top 25% of the Red Angus breed in carcass and growth traits. Going forward we will be striving to Top Dollar Qualify all registered calves.

We enjoy working with cattlemen looking to improve their herds with performance Red Angus seedstock. We have invested a lot in improving our genetics to ensure calving ease, high maternal traits, docility, and exceptional feed efficiency, marbling, tenderness. Bow Creek Farm is your one stop shop when looking for Red Angus genetics – and we offer Red Angus bulls, females, semen and embryos for sale by private treaty throughout the year.

Herd Sires

BOW CRK HEAVILY ARMED 310A - Bow Creek Farms Red Angus Herd Sire

Bow Crk Heavily Armed 310A
Registration Number: 1672505
Date of Birth: September 4, 2013
Sire: BUF CRK The Right Kind U199
Dam: Twin Ponds HI-RB-LS 408

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Buf Crk The Right Kind U199
Registration Number: 1260155
Date of Birth: May 26, 2008

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BECKTON NEBULA P P707 - Bow Creek Farms Red Angus Herd Sir

Beckton Nebula P P707
Registration Number: 979031
Date of Birth: April 1, 2004
Sire: Beckton Nebula M045
Dam: Beckton Lana M809 EP

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Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334
Registration Number: 1441805
Date of Birth: January 14, 2011
Sire: Beckton Nebula P P707
Dam: JYJ Ms Jolene W16

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Glacier Chateau 744
Registration Number: 557331
Date of Birth: February 19, 1997
Sire: LMAN King Rob 8621
Dam: Glacier Rebala

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