About Bow Creek Farm

We have set a goal to provide the most discriminating Pennsylvania grown beef product available. Superior cattle, lush green fields, and all natural hay and corn are all we need. A little dry-aging ensures an exceptional eating experience.

We know what it takes to grow superior cattle. We continuously strive to improve our beef genetics through our Registered Red Angus. Although other breeds made up our herd early on, in 2005 we decided to focus on Red Angus. Red Angus is the total package. High marbling and tenderness traits; along with outstanding calving ease, docility, heat tolerance, and maternal traits make this breed a game changer for the beef industry. Over the years we’ve fine tuned our registered breeding herd to be some of the best Red Angus breeding stock in the country. We strive to raise awareness of the benefits of utilizing Red Angus genetics, for both beef consumers and cattle producers. Our unique perspective of the beef business – from breeders, to commercial cattlemen, to beef customers, allows us to see every stage of the beef process. We use this knowledge to breed high quality Red Angus year after year.

We enjoy working with cattlemen looking to improve their herds with performance Red Angus seedstock. We have invested a lot in improving our genetics to ensure calving ease, high maternal traits, docility, and exceptional feed efficiency, marbling, tenderness. Bow Creek Farm is your one stop shop when looking for Red Angus genetics – and we offer Red Angus bulls, females, semen and embryos for sale by private treaty throughout the year.

We also love to serve consumers and business owners looking for high, locally grown beef to serve your family or at your restaurant. Visit our Beef page to learn more about our tender, juicy, Red Angus beef. Bow Creek Farm is PA Preferred and BQA Certified, so you can be confident in knowing that our Red Angus beef was raised with the utmost care, and fed all natural ingredients – producing a superior beef product. 

Please know we take great pride in growing a product that is genetic, age, and ranch of origin verified. These standards along with our personal care set our product apart from commodity beef.

We hope you enjoy our beef!

Rob & Amy Hess

Bow Creek Farm - PA Preferred Red Angus Beef
Bow Creek Farm - Red Angus Beef - Beef Quality Assurance Certified - Pennsylvania